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Boutique Baby Bibs

boutique baby bibs

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boutique baby bibs - Trend Lab

Trend Lab Dr. Seuss 4 Piece Bib Set, One Fish Two Fish

Trend Lab Dr. Seuss 4 Piece Bib Set, One Fish Two Fish

Keep messes to a minimum with this stylish Dr. Seuss One fish two fish Bib Set by Trend Lab. Set features four bibs each with fun, modern printed cotton percale on the front and terry on the back. Bib patterns include: one stripe and one dot print each in avocado, barn red, sunshine yellow, cornflower blue and powder blue, one wave print featuring Dr. Seuss' famous fish and sayings in the same avocado, red, yellow and two shades of blue and one two-toned blue bubble letter print reading, One fish two fish red fish blue fish. Each bib measures 9" x 13" with Velcro closure. Product sold under license from Dr. Seuss Enterprises, L.P.

87% (16)

BABY BIB- Jungle Animals- Reversible

BABY BIB- Jungle Animals- Reversible

BABY BIB- 0-12 Month Size- Reversible-JUNGLE BABIES

I made this bib from two different prints called "Jungle Babies". The front of the bib is a close up of the jungle babies. Both prints are so cute that you could use either side. There is a layer of flannel in between the two prints so it is very absorbent. The snap is on the side so it makes it easy to put the bib on and take it off.

Boutique Baby Bib in Full Moon Polka Dot in Linen

Boutique Baby Bib in Full Moon Polka Dot in Linen

Another sweet bib in Amy Butler's Full Moon Polka Dot fabric - this one in Linen, backed with vanilla terry cloth.

boutique baby bibs

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