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Babys room decoration - Video of woman giving birth to a baby.

Babys Room Decoration

babys room decoration

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  • "I Wanna Have Your Babies" (also known as "Babies") is a pop song written by Natasha Bedingfield, Steve Kipner, Andrew Frampton and Wayne Wilkins for Bedingfield's second album, N.B. (2007).

  • The Babys were a British rock/pop group best known for their songs "Isn't It Time" and "Everytime I Think of You". Both songs were composed by Jack Conrad and Ray Kennedy and reached #13 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart in the late 1970s.

  • The self titled albumThe Babys is groups first album. The Babys is currently out of print, but it can be found released as a double album with the groups second album Broken Heart.

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babys room decoration - 18"x 24"

18"x 24" Poster. Carteles. Mother & baby. Decor with Unusual images. Great Cuban Room art Decoration.

18"x 24" Poster. Carteles. Mother & baby. Decor with Unusual images. Great Cuban Room art Decoration.

This poster is brand new and measures 18"x24"(46x61cm) with a narrow white border around the image and reproduced on the highest quality paper and laminated for extra durability against scratches and UV rays. We digitally remove tears, tape, stains, library stamps as well as pen and glue marks. Once the image is clean, the high resolution scanned image is sharpened and the colors are enhanced to bring out the artwork original brilliance. Ready to be framed and perfect for a unique and long lasting gift.

75% (6)

T did some work in t's room today

T did some work in t's room today

he got the shelves up, but we still have to hang the shadowbox things on the dresser and move stuff around.

Baby Room 01

Baby Room 01

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babys room decoration

babys room decoration

Ganz Baby Girls Love Bug Gift Set

Welcome the new baby with this Love Bug gift set by Ganz. This cute little gift set includes, (1) Plush Ladybug Rattle (1) Mini Blanket and (1) Baby Onesie (3-6 mos.) Plush little ladybug rattle will make mom and baby happy during play time. Ladybug plush rattle is multi colored pastels with embroidered facial features and is machine washable on gentle cycle. Cuddle baby in the extraordinaryly soft pink mini security blanket embroidered with "Love Bug" and features a plush dimensional ladybug. Short sleeve onesie neckline and sleeves are trimmed in a 100% pink cotton fabric with white polka dots and features an embroidered pink flower and "Love Bug" in purple. Three snap crotch for easy diaper changes. Mommy and Baby will delight in this cute ladybug gift set! Onesie is 100% cotton, size 3-6 months. Rattle and blanket are cotton & polyester contents. Packaged in a green polka dot gift box with acrylic transparent lid. Box measures 10"T x 10"W x 35"D

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