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Make Baby Diapers. Traditional Girl Baby Names.

Make Baby Diapers

make baby diapers

    baby diapers
  • A diaper (in North America) or nappy (in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and many Commonwealth countries) is a sponge-like garment worn by individuals who are incapable of controlling their bladder or bowel movements, or are unable or unwilling to use a toilet.

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Baby girl diaper bag cake

Baby girl diaper bag cake

I love making gender-specific diaper bags...so much more to work with! I've got a bottle and a couple diapers sticking out of the top, a rattly baby toy in the left pocket, a pacifier in the middle pocket (binky, anyone?), and a bib draped over the right side.

Diaper cake

Diaper cake

My sister makes these "cakes" out of diapers and baby stuff. I probably just think they're lame because I don't like babies. This one is for her cousin that just had a baby this month.

make baby diapers

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